NextGen Vehicle: Cortona or Dayvette

This one is a mash up of a Corvette and a Shelby Daytona. I have had ref pics of a Daytona waiting to get made for a loong time, so now they will finally get put to use.
We will have to see if I actually manage to get this completed.
I kicked off a KTM RC8 as well, though wasn't planning on changing it to fit this comp spec, will have to wait and see.


Woah dude this is turning out great! I'd really love to see that finished. The bodywork is just pure sex! :D
If it isn't against the rules, may I suggest a rounder front just to give accent. Kind of like the Ferrari 250 GTO (since that car was the first thing to come to mind when I saw this)

Just a suggestion, no need to follow it if it's not in your design plan. (Or if it's against contest rules XD ) :)
Wheels are 1303, but I still need to do disc and caliper.
Body is 9764 atm, but I still have work to do on it.
Interior is 6773 and will most likely need some cutting back to finish the exterior.
So total atm is just over 16.3k, minus wheels.