NextGen vehicle: 70s American sedan

I hope I'll manage to finish this I got some other stuff to do also. Anyways, using Tiberius Ford 500 Custom prints as a base but I'll add details from other cars to it aswell. Here's the start:


the shape is for sure the 70 version, from the angles, nice to see the mods, lately I have been buying movies that have the 71 or 72 customs featured, perhaps I can screen capture the ones on the new police move DVD, of 71 ford custom LA pd cruisers, they have a few 71 Belair chevys too I may be able to get. screen quality is qute nice.
Looking good! Great idea too. Quite a few tri's in their...personal preference to stick solely to quads, but you've been doing it loonger than me :p

Good luck. 8)