Next Gen Vehicle : Post Modern Hot Rod

Next Gen Vehicle : Concept Hot Rod

Have no idea if I can do this, and I've never tried normal mapping. But it's a good excuse to learn something new.

Would appreciate a recommendation of a blueprint that would make a good starting point. No concept sketch yet, but will be massively influenced by something like this.



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try something like a chevy bel-air, i know theres tons of prints for them floating around and it'll get you good dimensions to work off of, sounds like a good choice too!
The outline of the original Bel Air is done. This will be my building block, but from here on it's all going to be original design. I will deconstruct the classic idea of the hot rod and attempt to create something functional yet turning that notion on its head. Can you tell I've been reading a load of philosophical nonsense? Actually, I'll just try to create a nice car :)



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Such a cool project mate, always loved bel airs & hotrods myself, so im looking forward to see how cool this will turn out. Keep on going :p
Started shaping it into a hot rod. No more updates til the weekend as I'm on vacation....Just as as it starts getting interesting.


Too much work meant I couldn't get very far so i have to withdraw. Haven't even finished the high poly yet. Sorry to disappoint , I always like to participate in the competitions.