Next-Gen vehicle contest


hey !

nice idea my friends !

i think i'll take part in :D !
ah btw if the polycount limit is 20000 trs why 1500 per wheel ? and is it included in the 20k ? i mean 20k is for the whole model with the 4 wheels .

Salim Ljabli
Without tires polycount can be 20000 and if you make car with 4 wheels maximum polycount would be 26000 tris :)

Is easier this way if we give separate polycount for wheels and carbody imo
Question to everyone who participates..:

Do you also model the entire intrieur, enginebay etc? like in GTA?
To all the 3dsmax users: Which plugin/shader do you use for the final images? any ideas?

Wow that shader looks awesome thanks!
So is it right that i can use for example one 2048² map for diffuse, one 2048² map for normalmap ..and so on?


New Member
like the car that you make resembles a real world car but is different enough from it that an automaker couldn't show up at your door and tell you that you stole their design and now they're going to take your daughter and lawnmower
Just for those who don't understand the concept of mockups :) :

real (1984 Corvette)

mockup (Banshee)

Now that gives me an idea on what car to use now >:)
Hum... this could be the first contest i will enter here. Just gonna look up the viewpoert shaders and i'll see if i can get a decent enough level with it to enter. :)