Next-Gen vehicle contest


Contest specifications:

  • Vehicle can be any kind of traffic, sports, utility or whatever you want to create. Also motorcycles are approved, vehicle must have wheels
  • Vehicle must be a mockup (like all GTA cars for example)
  • Maximum polycount in tris: carbody (including engine etc.) 20000. 1500 tris for each wheel
  • Maximum texture size 2048x2048, no restriction for amount of textures. I'd say keep it as low as possible though
  • Normal mapping allowed
  • You can only submit viewport screenshots, no renders are allowed.
  • Viewport shaders are allowed if your 3D modeling software supports them.
  • No team work, only solo work, model and textures must be made from scratch
  • Contest starts today 18th of April and ends 23rd of May.
is there a way of sharing this on Facebook? allthough i may not be able to participate .. i guess a few of my friends may look into it for sure :)

This sounds fun and interesting. BUT i have a question..

Whats really the topic of the contest? - that it will be a mock up?
What does Next-Gen really stand for in the contest?



It's just yet another fun lowpoly contest, as SMC helded many before.

Yes this one is a bit special because of the mockup rule, while previous ones were more free. And nextgen for a lowpoly model means a normal map can be use to add details (efficiently handled thanks to dedicated hardware) while keeping a reasonable polycount.
So your job is to model a car, truck, motorcycel or anything which has wheels. With the next-gen I mean all tricks are allowed to make the lowpoly version to look like hipoly (like normal maps for example)

With the mock up I mean the car or whatever you want to model cannot be real. It can be your own design or remind some real vehicle
ok thanks :)

When I make a "mock up", is it okay if I model a REAL car but without any badges?
Cause I would like to use the model for a later project..


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sounds good ill definately be entering this one :) when you say textures from scratch do you mean like hand painted or can they be made from photos?
Ah damn, I would love to join but have absolutly no time :( I even would have the perfect car for this entry I started a week ago, unfortunatly its no mockup. :D

Well, have fun guys, Ill follow this one closly.
If it only would be that easy ;)

and more about the mockup... You can imagine you're making the car for some videogame company which cannot use real cars ingame because of copyright issues. It's not enough if you remove batches, you also need to make it look bit different so it cannot be recognised but still has something similar with the real car its based on.

Hopefully I'm not confusing even more ;)

I've never participated in any contest before, so what the hell! :) Quick questions. What's the format of creating a new thread in the contest forum? How often do we have to update and what updates are required at those times?

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You can create a thread as soon as you choose your entry and have something to show.

Try to keep the thread updated as oftenly as possible. But it's just because it makes your project more attractive to follow.

We definitely don't have a precise rule about it, but we still watch carefully each thread, to avoid (e.g.) re-use of previous models.