Next-Gen vehicle contest: POLL


  • AlexL

    Votes: 10 23.8%
  • Bookmaker

    Votes: 15 35.7%
  • rickyss

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • Stew2000

    Votes: 15 35.7%

  • Total voters
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my vote goes to Bookmaker, I like american classics so that one grabbed my attention more than the others :)

all were good entries though, congrats everyone :)
My vote goes to AlexL, i think its the most work invested in the car although there seems to be sumthin wrong with your windshield. nice detail dude! Sheriff car was very close but i think the polygon economy could have been better.
I had to vote for Stew's Baja type truck, I can see the work put into it was genuine and hard, the design is unique, but could use more texture but overall that one wins for me,

good job all of you tho.
All great entries guys. All completely different too. I ended up going for AlexL's though. Great interior detail and great job on the texturing.
I think the four are winners but i go with Alex for the texturing work, for the interior details and for the work timming.
I think all 4 models are greatly made, good work people, i put my vote towards bookmaker as i can only choose 1, as i like the texturing and it looks very clean to me.

Jomar Machado

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The cars are all great caliper work but my vote goes to Bookmaker's car, it's a clean and atractive one...

I loved Highway Patrol an old TV series, and since them the cop's car are one of my favorites.

We're all winners with a team like that... ;)
Tough one

Well, First off, I love BookMakers detail in the car and the textureing.

But then again I love alex's interior design which is a great appeal to me.

So, This one of a tough choice for me.. but Im going to have to go with Alex for his interior design of the of car.

BookMaker, I still love your model also if i could pick two winners id gladly pick you along with alex.