Next-Gen vehicle contest : final entries thread

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The Next-Gen vehicle contest will end in one week : deadline is 23th of May at 11:59PM GMT.

Be sure to remind the rules to post your final entry below : you can only submit viewport screenshots (no renders are allowed) and viewport shaders are allowed if your 3D modeling software supports them.

Please don't post comments in this thread : this is only meant for final entries. Please post at least two pictures, and more if you want of course.


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Alright, heres my finished entry, overall im pretty happy with it although there are still many issues, but this was a great learning experience more then anything and im stoked that i got it as far as i did

tri count is around 19k for the whole model (exact number is in the images) with 7 2048x2048 textures (3 normal, 3 diffuse (2 with alphas) and one specular), images were made with xolioul shader 1.5, unfortunately the transparency doesn't work so well on the windshield

so i hope you like it :)!


Officially bored of this project so posting my two cents...
14957 tris for body. (Most parts got copied and flipped for viewing or it would of been around 10k)
1486 tris per wheel.
4 Textures (and one env thingy).
I'm not much of a mapper or texturer so no livery.


Hi all, this is my final entry, The Cadillac ElDopado. im not very happy with it myself, i find it very poor as i had very very little time to work on it, only 6-7 hours in total i would say and i was afraid i would not make it on time to post the pics. i only used one normal map for the wheels and front grille, the rest is procedural except for the headlight glass. enjoy


Thanks to all who finished, unfortunately I wasn't able finish mine. Not enough time since I had other work to do aswell. Anyways, I'll put up a voting thread later today :)
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