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I'm in with futuristic vehicles too.

I've been thinking and, as in the future there would be no frontiers and countries will join forces for economical survival, I thought of dividing the world in 6 parts, as economical groups, maybe an European, North-American, South-American, Far East (Japan, China, Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam, etc....), Arabian and African. Maybe its more ethnical thn economical... :)

We could create the armies of those groups, each one would define its part by the way it's designed. So we could have fluent line designed european vehicles with wavy and subtle forms all the way to the rusty, rude, rough looking african vehicles (those could fit in what Klobsters mentioned about Post-Apocalypse vehicles)

What do you think??? Let's create an army!!! :D
I’ll second (as has already been suggested) a post-apocalyptic or retro-future style.

Edit: If we’re looking for a way to reconcile two different visions of the future, I’d say there could possibly be two factions: A small group with access to technology – utilizing alternative fuels, with spaceships or whatever, and a large group which lives like third worlders – modifying abandoned technology to suite their needs.
That'd be better to have two groups, ships with good technology and others with leftovers. Rules should be keep as simple as possible

I can already start to imagine what I could do, somekind of piratethemed vessel with abandoned tech :D
futuristic cars would be nice, but not post apocalyptic, something nice and clean like a concept. Spaceships would be neat also - need some excuse to open up max again =p
Post-apocalyptic has my vote too. To do something new, perhaps we could avoïd the usual mad max style (desert and muscle car :p), and work on more modern cars.


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Ya post apocalyptic could easily be portrayed using the Mad Max style. I'd like to see some modern cars, like 2000 and newer, turned into post apocalyptic gold. How bout a Veyron with 32" mudders, huge bushbar on the front to run down the baddies, and some stolen PIAA spotlights drilled in the top, haha.


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I think we have a winner! :D One thing though - should we work with self-designed vehicles only or could we also use existing vehicles?
BTW, is there a need for a poll? I think majority wanted a futuristic or post-apocalyptic theme, so here it comes combined! :)

Have to do the rules and we could start. ;)


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Now that we have the theme, why don't you start setting up the bases???

- Should we design it first? Or make an statement about what would we like it to be, and try to be straight with it no matter how much it takes?
- Follow one theme, like Falango's idea, get one actual car, and make it offroad or something
- Maybe, as chad3006 said, take two themes in one, in one side create nice, top-of-the-notch smooth looking vehicles and in the other side, create rudimentary built with different cars pieces vehicles? So everyone can develope their ideas?
- ...
- Maybe, as chad3006 said, take two themes in one, in one side create nice, top-of-the-notch smooth looking vehicles and in the other side, create rudimentary built with different cars pieces vehicles? So everyone can develope their ideas?

I think it should be good idea to allow also own ideas especially if people would make vehicles from pieces.


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So we've got two factions, the Eloi, and the Morlocks :p (just kidding, let's give them other names)

The richest faction, rulers of the free world have the best vehicles, with the latest technology in navigation, flight, design and weaponry :D

In the other side, we have the survivors, the children of the defeated, filled with rage, with no resources, living with the leftovers of the richs.... See, the garbage of one man, is the treasure of another.
They mix flying vessel rotatory engines with tractor wheels, they make wider frames to hold heavier weapons and add some mirrors here and there....

We have two views of the future, the finest looking and high precision killing machines versus the most dramatic built and dangerously equipped war beasts.

Because we have 2 post-apocalyptic factions, the winners and the defeated, so we have an "after the war" feeling... and it is called revenge.

So it's a WAR theme :D and all the vehicles must be military :D



that theme sounds alot like the setting of the game Brink, which had awesome concept art and really nice visuals.

on the other hand it could also be interesting to see those two factions race each other in the wasteland...think brink meets cosmic motors in the podrace arena from starwars.

the raceing theme would give this a nice touch imo... and would force people to think a little different, than just putting random weapons on their vehicles.



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I think we most agree the contest theme would be "post-apocalyptic-futuric-mounted-weapon-madmax-alike-driving-in-wastelannd", Now,the only question is... When do we begin?
Hey guys! :) im so happy the contest thinking is still en route, still waiting for some motor to making something :D and gr8 ideas too, hope the rules and specifications will be ideal, i agree with majority of ideas here :) see you in contest :) cheers, p4vlik, longtime fan, remember? :D