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Hey guys I just bought 3D Studio Max 9 yesterday. I have never used it before, but I have watched thousands upon thousands of tutorials and how-to's on how to use the program. Everyone knows however that tutorials do not do anything but show you the way, you have to step up to the plate and experience the challenge for yourself. I cannot wait to get home from work and install the program and begin my future as a modeller and CG artist. I have just registered to this forum because for the past two weeks I have been watching people create things on 3ds max or maya or lightscribe and I have witnessed first hand the constructive criticism people have offered to strengthen the posters attitude about his and or her work. I can only hope you will do the same for me.

My first project hopefully will be my car which is a 1992 Chevrolet Corsica V6 White with balck trim. I have looked for blueprints and reference images for it but I have yet to find some, so I will take some pics with my digital camera when I get home and begin. I do have a question though for anyone that decides to read this novel of my beginning into the world of CG art. Is V-Ray a downloadable content or is it automatically installed with 3D Studio Max v.9?

I would like to thank you all again for reading this and I hope to impress and learn so much from you all.:grin:

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~Charlie~ a.k.a. Hackz
Hi and welcome to the forums,Looking forward to helping you along your way.

About vray,Its an additional program which costs about $300 if im correct.
hey what's up, welcome to the forums. i'm looking forward to seeing your firstp rojects, did you try out the trial/demo version of 3DSM before you bought it, so you might get an idea of about how this 3D stuff works?

i hope you will have good experiences in the 3D world ;)

and modeling your own car is a good logical first step, you will be able to check every last detail for reference, it helps a lot :)


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Hey guys thank you for accepting me into the forum :p, unfortunately my art ideas and immagination have come to an screeching halt due to the battle of Windows Vista and 3D Studio Max 9 :?. So until I can figure that out the only thing I will get out of this program is an opening screen with all 4 viewports and a beautiful welcome screen of welcoming white until the program locks up. I have installed SP2 and have even gone into properties and selected the well known tabs under compatibility to have it work with Vista.


Go to 3D Studio Max shortcut and RIGHT click on it, then go to PROPERTIES.

click on the COMPATABILITY tab and check the box above the XP sp2 to activate it.

then in the list of check boxes check DISABLE DESKTOP COMPISITION.

then last but not least at the bottom of the window check the box RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

The only reason I have listed these is because I have yet to find it on the forum and for some it has worked :grin: so Hopefully someone other than me will get some satisfaction out of this Vista Mess.

If anyone knows anything I can do to fix this issue besides going out and buying Windows XP which so far to me is better than Vista but I am not trying to start anything lol please let me know I would be greatly appreciative.