New SMCars Poll

Do you read the forum rules/guidelines?

  • yes, read them fully

    Votes: 18 19.8%
  • no, didnt bother looking at them

    Votes: 28 30.8%
  • somewhat, took a quick look/scan through it

    Votes: 45 49.5%

  • Total voters
So as many of you heard SMCars will be going through some changes soon. But to help us a bit we would like to know how many members actually read the rules and guidelines on the forum.

Thank you for your participation.
its kinda not the first forum I'am at, and I read rules on one forum so I think its acctually the haven't read them...just scanned
Rules are laid in place because some people choose not to use common-sense.

I had a quick glance, and when I got the gist of it telling me simply not to piss off others, I stopped reading them :)

I must add though, I think it's great that most people on here are kind and show respect to each other, even in arguments, and I hope this sort of behaviour on continues. Good job folks.
i really like the honesty in the answers right now, and that will also be taken into consideration.

i'll agree with Dr. Feelgood, we definitely have great people on this forum that do show respect to one another. thank you for pointing it out :)
I'll be honest, I don't read the rules on here but I am respectful to others, I like to help out as much as I can like others, and I have to agree with Dr.Feelgood. I wish that everyone would stop the arguements and get along. but thats life anyway I will start reading the rules and other things.


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I havent even been in the rules section...this isent the first place I been on and I am/have been, staff on several sites/forums.

So for me the main rules is like every other sites...
Well atleast most even takes a quick look of them but you should take a look of them though. There might be some rules that aren't at other forums like how big signature can be etc


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Well often it says the rules for the Sig avatar etc etc there you edit them but if not ofcourse I look in the rules section, dont want to get banned direcly lol.
i think i took a quit peek at them when i ifirst signed up here, i'm not too sure though, it could be that i didn't even look. can't remember though :p

i hope i'm not an unpleasant fellow though ;)
i just had a quick skim to see if there
were any specific rules to this forum.
just therre the same on all forums (well allmost)

Yeah same here, but I have read them some time ago.

Most forums usually have the same rules, it's just common sense that a lot of people to use.

Not sure how to force people to read the rules, but it would be good for everyone to at least skim over it.