New dodge challenger!!

the headlight/grill opening in the front is too small and the car is way to curvy. It looks bloated, like they shoved an air pump up an old challengers ass and just inflated it.


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not bad... but it haves just one thing which bothers me, its that beltline which is way too high (though that's new trend in american car design.)

as i said before, it does miss all of this... mean mucle car looks (new one is boring familycar look a like)
Lol jeeze its cool we are reliving the past but... jeeze except the lights it looks just like the new camaro pictures around the net. Though I do like it somewhat, be interesting to make an X-Factor out of it lol.
Resembles the old challenger, which makes the new Camaro and Mustang also resemble the old Challenger. After modeling it for a couple of hours I could see clearly that this car is no more than a Chrysler Seabring-Dodge Avenger with a Hemi in it. Hey, at least they didn't try to pawn off a Sunfire as the new GTO.


No reason to discuss this in two topics :?

Yah, I 'discovered' the old one too again, but since this one is more active, just let this one be open, don't you think? :)

Okidoki then :D

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