New contest at SMCars/Light is Right contest reaching end day

Hey, sorry that there hasn't been much news lately. Anyways remember that Toms Light is Right contest is reaching its endline which is last day of this month. Hope to see lots of finished models before that ;)

Check topic at here

Mr. Mean has opened interesting contest where you need to model lowpoly or midpoly Destruction Derby car. Go have a look at it at here.
Yep, the deadline is sure getting close. I hope tom120934 and I aren't the only one's still working on the Light is Right contest.

Mr.Mean's contest sure looks interesting.


I never noticed you wrote about the contest here. Thanks for the buzz !

As requested by the few but motivated members still working on their entry, the deadline was postponed to end of November.

There are 4 members (including me) knows to be hurrying to complete their project.

Of course, the contest is still open to anyone who wants to join in !