My racing game project

I'm working on a street racing game featuring realisic car physics, customizable cars with bodykits, rims, spoilers, and eventually vinyls too. I've been working on the car models lately and I'm just about to finish the city model.

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I am a bit of a harsh critic but I assure you I am in no means trying to offend you. In my opinion it's a little bland, the car area is huge and only a small area of it is occupied, giving an empty feel to the scene. Also you seem to be using the diffuse shader for most things, try livening it up with some bumped or even bumped specular shaders. The lighting may also be what's throwing me off, It should be slightly colored and there is way too much ambient. If the sky is dark add some fluorescent lighting on to the roof ;)

The menu has some conflicting colors, White and grey are being used on the same area and it's kind of hard to look at. Personally I'd use something darker and more contrasting like this:

Just my thoughts :)


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Thanks. I agree with you on the menu stuff, nice example. I'll use some other colors to give more contrast. The light is actually colored; it's slightly yellow.
By too much ambient light do you mean the light coming from the windows is too bright or that the room is too bright?
In this screen I changed the color of the sun and added a spot light to make shadows on the other objects asweell.

but like you said I could remove the sun completely and just put a white spot above the car...

another one with black transparent backgroun:

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I think this looks more realistic and it may be simpler to get it right. I just need to model some lamps to put in the ceiling.

this is the look I was shooting for with the sunset scene:

Update: Here's a new test with spotlights




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Haven't been around here for a while. You can achieve that same lighting effect in Unity with some work, and those car reflections can be done with MoDyEn shaders , but they cost a little.

It is better than before though.
Ah sorry, I meant to ask which game engine are you building it on. (Although the gaming platform could be a valid question as it's not that expensive to develop on android or iOS.)
In that case I'd suggest you check out the Marmoset Skyshop! It's an image-based lighting plug-in for Unity. I got it on sale some time last year and tried just a while ago on a personal project. Easy to use and does a fantastic job!