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These are my 2 Kangal dogs (or Anatolian Shepherd dogs which is the same) playing together. The adult female is Puma, the puppy is Boss, 78 days and 16 kilos !!! All the parents of these dogs come directly from the little city of Kangal, located in Sivas, Turkey, breeded by turkish shepherds just like 1.000 years ago, with the hard methods of 1.000 years ago. They're not useless ''show dogs''.
These dogs are ''a bit'' particular due their aggressivity , strong temperament and impressive musculature's fiber, so they're not for everybody. Basically is like to have a 70 kilos Pitbull with the plus Pitbulls are aggressive with other dogs only, they're aggressive with everything moves apart from the family members, which they love more than their life itself. This is a great value if u need an unmatched guard-protection dog. U can find in the world some breedings, (particularriy in Germany, UK and USA), but if u want a TRUE and PURE dog like these your only chance is to go to Sivas (or to have a turkish friend like me who lives there...) trying to buy one.
As i've said, these dogs have to be educated since their early age to avoid problems, but when the dog trust u as owner and your family as something to protect, u'll have a faithful companion all life long.
The last month the Puma's brother (he lives in France, Champagne region) destroyed all by himself a big boar attacking his owner. Honestly i've never heard before of a dog killing a 150 kilos boar...this to make u think how much these dogs are powerful and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands...

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Thank u Jomar, glad both u and your wife loved it. Brasil also has a great breed, the mighty Fila Brasileiro from Minas Gerais :)

Jomar Machado

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Yeah and I was born in a small city called São Lourenço in the South of Minas I'm living in the city of Rio de Janeiro....