Murcielago and LP640

Maya handles these details very well?
Yeah, pretty much. The viewport gets pretty slow when I have everything displayed, and the files take about a minute to load, but nothing major. It doesn't even crash very often. Although, I also have my tires in a separate file to reduce loading and saving times.
wow, awesome work man. would you be willing to share any info on your lighting/shader setup?
Thanks. I'm using a version of younglion's studio setup ( with a couple area lights with just specular turned on (no diffuse). The material for the car paint and rim is the Mental Ray material mi_car_paint_phen. The settings for my silver paint can be found here:
Awesome ...

Just a suggestion : You could make a Lamborghini Reventon while you're at it, as it's based on the Murc as well. (hint hint) ;)

Nice work m8