Morris marina

Dahlgren 10x for the effort and Lynx that was my very first though when i saw the topic, are there piano blueprint attached to the front of the car. :)))))))
the marina a miss unstood car i bet the people who are saying the marinas are well crap haven't even driven one or even a good one when they did build them properly as the marina 1700 is faster than a MGB and it has the same engine as the MG and a more practical car.The even made a 1300 rally car in 1970s based on the marina with a carb for each cylinder and won the fastest rally even in finland think its called the twins lakes.if don't believe me take a look on youtube at Top Gear the morris marina done by tony mason.
Horrible understeer set the car's reputation after it wasn't set up properly on the press car. All the cars that left the factory were set up right, but the damage had been done. The reputation even plagued the Ital, which was a restyled Marina. These are good cars.

I have some blueprints for this car from a brochure I have.
i like the marina they did rally them in 1976 it won the twin lakes finnish rally the fastest rally in the world at that time.not bad for a bad car that top gear like to drop pianos on