Modified M3

I love the wide look of the car! you should do a frontal render to accentuate the wide wheels!
Nice clean modeling too, great work!

the screwholes on the fenderkits are the only things i find a bit strange. They seem a bit oval.

Great choice of car btw...
Keep it up!


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it has lots of zazz with those orange rims. I like all the detail in the back, on some cars the back is way harder to do then the front, and this is one of them. looks really good, i like how you did the spoiler too. Can't wait to see final renders.


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taillight... not happy at all with it.. i like more classic look (BMW E30 that is), but there is absolutely no way to do that here :)

any way CC please! :)

m3 -11.jpg
m3 -11a.jpg


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Nice! If you want a more "classic" look to the taillights, try making the glass more opaque (i.e harder to see through) as older cars generally had pretty opaque taillights ;)


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thanks for a replies :) appreciated :) i like this angle, and headlights seams to look nicer :) though no changes just a bit different material..
m3 -11b.jpg


i like this design more, but its e90 :) and i am on e92 :)
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sort of completed taillight :) will do for now, might remodel it though, the shape and all that modern stuff starts growing on me, so starting actually like it :)

any comments are appreciated :)
m3 -12.jpg


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little more progress :)
m3 -13.jpg

Also done things... trying to achieve more sporty and more aggressive looks, so scrapped one headlight and added direct air supply for and engine, leaving the bumper holes for inter cooler :) just a thought...

m3 -13a.jpg

m3 -13b.jpg
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