Modified M3


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rim(not finished) and tire.. sort of done

wheelarch is fixed too.. i think.. (thanks for pointing that out)

next more body work...

CC please :)
m3 -6b.JPG

m3 -6.jpg
m3 -6a.jpg


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i downgraded from max 2014 to max 2013 and havent thought of one little thing, i cant open ths project now, if anyone uses max 2014 and would you be willing to save my file in max 2013 format? skype: vladiz3d


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here is the scene (sort of) i have in mind and more body work :) rear bumper starting to take shape, a bit more detailing and next in the target might be taillights :)
CC please...
for oleg.jpg
m3 -9.jpg