Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Studio Render

Hi! This is a studio render of my recently finished Lancer evolution x model...modeled in 3ds max 2014 rendered with Mental ray this time! I dint do it in Vray because I am not able to produce realistic shaders especially for the headlights and the taillights..So please I need some feedback and tips and critiques for this model! Thank you! MR_Studio_Final_Shot.jpg


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what happened at the A-pillar to Hood transformation? Seems a bit off there. The car does look a bit disproportionate. The length seems shortened or maybe its the view of the render causing it to be so.


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I agree, the A pillar has a few bits that are off. The front of the door at the A pillar is too sharp. Looks like there's also a concave surface along the roof line where the A pillar meets it, should be convex. There shold be a sharp crease through the doors, sweeping backwards, starting from the top of the fender vent behind the front wheel. I think the door handles need a bit more shape as well. The lights are looking quite good! Really like them.
Thanks for your reply guys..I'm sorry but I don't know what the "A Pillar" is...Yeah the car might be looking short in length probably coz of the angle! I've been modeling in 3d studio max since 3 years now but I still have got weak observation skills unlike u guys! My next project is the Dodge Challenger SRT8..I'll keep these points in mind and try to improve in my next project. ;)
Alright found it! You mean the post on the car..The A post meaning the vertical panel at the very front? Googled it and found some info! Thanks you guys!
Holy shit!! :eek: Trust me man I never ever observed the real model so closely! Thanks alot for taking time to point out minor flaws..I now realize it had much more faults than what I thought! I'll try to keep a close look on the next car I model and take care not to make such minor faults! :)


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Anyway don't u be discouraged, and apart from some unaccuracies issues your model is still pretty good, just try to pay more attention to the references. I think some problems u have there can be easily fixed.
People here is extremely picky, and it's good, this is the best place to refine your skills and once u'll get feedback like ''wow this is awesome'' from experienced and skilled professionals here, be sure u did a great job :)
Haha yeah well said Kangal..I was watching raduteo and Duron's WIP threads here..Never seen stuff like that before..watching their work gave me more confidence!! Amen to that by the way! :D


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Yes mate, but works by people as Raduteo, Duron, Berger, Jomar ,all the moderators and administrators and others are good to give u motivations not to take as reference since they are all very talented and skilled professionals and if someone try all at once to reach that level it could be quite frustrating. So, as Jomar rightly says... step by step, time, dedication, patience, talent, stubborness, concentration, humilty and passion :)
And remember, no matter the software u use (since more or less every tool can give u great results) but the way u use it and the gradient of knowledge u have about it.
@Kangal That is so true man! I've been modeling in 3D Studio Max since 3 years now yet, I know I have a long way to go! By the way that's a goddamn hot McLaren P1 man...Awesome!:eek::D