Mini Clubman 1275 GT (1974-76)


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Why? Clubman is in reference to the estate body shape. This is a Mini 1275 GT.
on the old shape mini's, clubman is in reference to the 'boxy' style front end,

on the bmw's (new style) they used the clubman name for the estates... just one more thing they got wrong with the designs imo.

on the original mini's, the 'estates' where called "travellers".. i may have spelt that wrong though :)

so this would indeed be a "Mini Clubman, 1275 GT"
Cheers for this, have been looking for a decent set of views.

Want to model my 1275GT... you may ask why I don't use pics of mine.... its in the garage miles away (Seems to be a natural haunt for my Clubby :( )