Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Toyota MR2 sw20 turbo

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Hi guys. I have found it's time to show up with something as I promised in Revelli's WIP thread. This is my Toyota MR2 Mk.II with 3S-GTE engine and some Veilside bodykit. Mesh on actual shots has 21k tris, including glass parts, which were removed because of rendering (my VRay does not work now somehow). So it is pretty clear, that I'll have to simplify the interior and remove some unseen polys to match contest rules, as it still misses some other things (like wheels :) ). I hope you'll like it, and so I hope I'll finish it in time, 'coz I have very little time to work on it. Please post some comments, and try to be nice, as this is my first contest entry ... and yes, my first picture post on SMCars.


Hey man, that's purdy!! Very nice!!

I'd first think about wiping out all the polys under the hood, and under the trunk. Mid-poly vehicles are usually the ones in most up-to-date driving games, so you have to think whether or not a player would be able to open the hood and trunk. Just a thought!!

Also too, in order for the wheels to 'fit' with the rest of the body, they are gonna have to be quite round, since the rest of the body is really quite smooth.

If you could, post up some wires!!
I also thought about removing those parts, but originally this was meant for Crashday game (unfinished simplier version can be already downloaded from crashday official forum), where you can lose your hood and trunk. But maybe I'll be forced to do this, as I don't want to simplify interior too much. The wheels will be smooth ... trust me, I know, how to make them look so, and save as many polys as possible :). I also decided to use some 6rays rims from RO-JA to save some pollys :) 6rays are not so much :p. I may also use different bodykit and rear wing to save some polys, as I already have done some for ingame tuning ;-). Will see ... but I prefer to save some polys on the interior as I simply can render pics, where is not so much to be seen :)
Cool man, well if you know you can pull it off, and under the tri-budget, I look forward to seeing it fully finished and ready to go!! Good luck mate!!
absolutely lovely modelling, there is nothing to crit
but i would say, that you should show us your interior again, that black material on it is hiding all those small fine details
i cant wait to see your rims:)
Weren't you one of the freelance modellers that worked on Crashday, like Lem, or did I misunderstand that ?
Looks very good btw, but is it under 20k already ?
to Xoliul: Yes, you are right. Wolf, original Apachee and Judge were made by me :) But it is long long time ago as they were first three cars in CD :)

to Silent][Moebius: Not yet, it has about 24k now (including wheels), but I alredy decided where to start with lowering polycount. Interior details will be removed and put to Normalmap, also doorhandles details may be done that way. I want to finish the model first and then optimize it :)
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