Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Toyota Corolla Sport

Looks great! wish i was as good in interiors :roll: i'm busy with build 5 of my escort interior:p (still working on that car;) ) good luck with the rest, looks really good
looks sweeet revelli, you're doing a great job:) As for the rfactor, i remember you working on a rfactor mod, forgot the name:eek: With those funny nissans and toyota supra! isn't the guy who brought those cars ingame able to put this one ingame ?
well, that guy is now very busy with putting our models to game


here is actual progress, the interior is almost done and im at 191.. tris right now

i need to do only the engine and optimize the whole mesh


man it´s absolutly fantastic! :) I can´t wait to textures a final render ;)Will be another scene than studio??bcs the model deserve it! :) KW MAN ;)