Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Toyota Corolla Sport

Hey man!! Lookin' purdy so far!! However, I think there's a tear in the mesh above the back door-handle judging from your latest render.

Keep up the good work!!
compared to the rest, imo the wheels could use a couple more segments.

other than that and the few normals errors on the back this is a really sweet project :)
thanks for you positive replies
i have fixed errors and added side mirrors and also new tires with more edges
tris count rised to about 12,500

there are only wipers on front and back window missing


Hey man, looks like I'was not only one comlaining about tires :-D The new ones look sweet :) and looks like you've done them as I told ya :p The only thing I don't like about this corolla is still the sharp edge seen on rear lights ... maybe you can use chamfer a bit on the rear too ... Great work anyway. Seems like I really have to remove some polys from my MR2 and enter the contest too. I hope the audience will appreciate it as much as your Corolla. Toyotas rule ;-)