Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Porsche 959

Xoliul said:
Well, I thought you had to start a new car instead of using a WIP car, but it sounds like this is not the case. So consider me in on the contest with my Porsche 959, should keep my interest up to finish this one :grin:
Well it was like that at first but I changed it later so ppl could join the contest with old models aswell. Anyways looks superb :)
This thing is a bit on hold actually until I get a model kit of this car from eBay. Otherwise it's pretty much impossible to get as much insight into the car as I need. 2 days, 9 hours to go 'till the bidding ends ;)
I got the model kit a while ago, but unfortunately the front isn't as detailed as I hoped. The back part wwith the the engine is, so I'm doing the harder part first. Also had exams that kept me from updating.

I still have to do the suspension and swingarms for the front, as well as smoothing groups and some more details under the hood. It really is an insane amount of work with all the stuff I want to make, and I haven't even started texturing then...


Yeah, i'm imposing a bit of a schedule upon myself to get it done in time. Want to finish modelling the underside crap this week. But turns out I have another week of vacation in 1,5 weeks (after only 2 weeks of school since previous holiday, LOL), so i'll have time to texture then.

Update; did alot of modelling on the back, modelled engine, subframe, intercooler, exhausts all with help of the plastic kit, it's fairly accurate now. Still lacks manifold and rear suspension, and the fornt suspension is completely inaccurate because I made it at school with no ref. Polycount is around 14000 now, should leave me with about 5000 for interior, which is more than enough.