Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Porsche 959

Hay Guyz!

I just started on what I think is the coolest Porsche ever, the 959. Other than being cool, it's also very curvalicious, so it's not an easy car to do for me.

I know the wireframe is messy, especially where the arches go over into the sides (one of the most difficult areas on the car). I'll get to fixing that, not completely satisfied yet. Also, I can save some poly's here and there, but this is going to be another lowpoly thing (honestly, I wouldn't know how to model depending on Turbosmooth) so some curves are more defined then you'd expect.



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Nice start , you sure do got some messy polies , but that easy fix . you can
always do it in the later .
keep up the good work :)


Thats a great start and I agree...The 959 was one of Porsches best.
I do feel, though, that you could remove a couple rows of polies on both the trunk and the bonnet. It would both remove polies and smooth it out a little more.
One other tip. I may be false on this, but it looks like you drag out all of you polies...meaning you drag out a row of polies a little bit, then drag out another row. But to make it way easier on yourself you should drag out an entire section, then use the cut and connect tools to add polies. That way the polies you add are directly in line, and are less bumpy.

Great start, and great car.
Stratous already mentioned what i wanted to say :p

nice start on this Porsche, imo not the most beautiful porsche there is (for me a lot depends on the way the headlights look like) but i'm sure you can doo a good job on this one :)
I've done some more work, cleaned up the fender area also.

And thanks for the tip Stratous, indeed I drag out a row, adjust it, then do the next. Takes long because I keep perfecting it, but I try not to end up with any bumpiness anywhere. I'll be sure to try you method!

And S][M, I never said it was beautiful, I even think it looks a bit bloated, but it just IS plain cool. ;) The vents, the 4wd, the exclusivity... :grin:


oh is that the porsche that looks like its got a super wide body kit on? with big sideskirts from the pic it looks like it i was just reading about thsi car the other day
I'm sure this car will turn out great, but you have made an error in the fender area. the fender is almost the same as a 993's fender, and it took quite a few reference pictures for me to figure out how exactly the shape is.

Reminds me of the time I was doing one :) (Don't wanna hijack your thread, I'll delete it if you want to)

It looks as if it's coming along nicely! But as superwes said, the polyflow could be optimised a bit :)
Keep it up 8)


Ah, cool Nighteye! Mind posting a wire view of your unsmoothed mesh ? I always try to see how other people do difficult areas on a car before I start, but I couldn't find any of this one.

ANd Superwes, you're right about that, I noticed it but didn't fully correct it yet. The rear's more of a worry though atm :p
Heh, yeah, I wish I still had that :roll: Perhaps Steven (skb) still has the model.. I'll ask him.
I lost it due to my harddisc crash, and this is the only pic I had online :(

Wait.... Perhaps I posted this on LWG too.. then I might have some pics there :D
.. Nope, I'm sorry.
Oh, it's nothing NE, I'll try to manage without. But that hole is really giving me trouble, spent several hours on it again today, yet it's getting better. This car is just really difficult, curvy everywhere. At least those vents are easy to do.
Also, that front curve should be about right. Spoiler and enginelid area are still WIP.


I asked Steven, and sadly he doesn't have it anymore either.. But you'll manage without, I guess.. As this looks nice already 8)
For that hole, I can only say: add a bit more polies :)
Still working on it, and I just HAD to show this brilliant texture I made for the rearlights (pics of those are scarce, so this is 100% handpainted).


FlashG said:
nice to see you back on it, why don't you join the contest with it ;)
Well, I thought you had to start a new car instead of using a WIP car, but it sounds like this is not the case. So consider me in on the contest with my Porsche 959, should keep my interest up to finish this one :grin:

Render attached is what i currently have, at 12.000 polygons. There's some stuff you can't see, like an engine and parts of the chassis (i'm going to make everything behing the bodypanels too). Wheels are 1206 each.

(ps: FlashG, could you change the thread title ?)