Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Plymouth Road Runner 1971

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with 20000 tris and your modelling skills this will be lovely car for sure
i believe, that these tires are not final, they are looking too lowpoly
Looks as a great start flashg:)

And it's 20k for what? everything ? Is that included the engine ? Sounds interesting.. Waiting for more updates8)

Keep it up, Erik
This is gonna be great FlashG, especially you as one of the few lowpoly modellers here should be able to come up with a fantastic car at 20k polygons :)
Good choice of car too btw.
Thanks! Here are some wires. Managed to do some of the front aswell. Not sure is it looking right thou. Had quite poor pictures from the front. That chrome rim on the front might be wrong

Not open for further replies.