Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Plymouth Duster 1971

it has bit under 13k with the dogdish rims that I've shown earlier. with those mopar rallye wheels polycount raises up to 18,5k. so I'm not gonna use them in the contest :)


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Yo, flashG - is this duster you're making supposed to be the same as a "1971 Plymouth Duster 340"? if so I've got some crits for you... but I'm not sure they apply, as the car I'm looking at is called a 340 - might make a difference... might not. lemme know. :)


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hmm k....

well, I'll try and leave out the stuff that seems to be for 340's only... though it doesn't look like much has changed.

I'll use a - for stuff I'm fairly certain about, a * for the things I'm not sure about, and a ~!- for the stuff that might be mods in the pic I'm seeing.

-brake lights too narrow - the reverse lights are almost vertically aligned with license plate intrusion on back bumper.

-grille inset too much - Perhaps distance on your model about twice as much as needed.

-rear side turn signals might be too low - their bottom is aligned with the top of the rear bumper, if not .5 - .75 inches above it.

-chrome trim around wheel wells

-chrome around grille needs to be more prominant... also the chrome around the headlights needs to flow and curve into the chrome around the grille the model appears to have them as two separate elements

~!-No body color on b-pillar (the pillar above door)

~!-Body color mirrors

*ridge on hood not wide enough near windshield

*Bevel on trunk not prominant enough

Just check your references with my crits, I might be leading you astray with these
Agree on most of them, except these :)

-brake lights too narrow - the reverse lights are almost vertically aligned with license plate intrusion on back bumper.
-chrome trim around wheel wells
~!-Body color mirrors

On my ref pics I cannot see body colored mirrors or chrome trim. I guess they are aftermarket parts or upgrader or something hehe

Here is pic of the taillights. Are you sure you're not looking 1972 Duster since it has taillights like you mentioned?



Thanks for the crits though, appreciate them :)


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actually it appeared that the 340, not the regular version had the brake lights wider or something... ... but I forgot to remove that from my crit list after I'd found those pictures lol

And yeah, the guy might have painted the mirrors on his car. Not sure it's a fully stock vehicle lol


oh yeah - this pic shows the chrom trim around the wheel wells you disagreed with... again though, that might only be present on the 340 version
Yea quite many of them are modified somehow. Fortunately there are few ones that are left stock. I've gathered lots of pics mostly from eBay and all of them have chromed mirrors :)

I've only seen 1972 340's that arent modified. All 1971 340's that I've seen have been "converted" to 340 from stock Duster and they have those smaller lights. :L


looks nice. The render is a little plain but the model looks very clean and well done
Thanks Palat and LOST :)

It has about 18k with those wheels but I'm gonna use "dog dish wheels" instead of them and then the polycount will be about 14k