Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Plymouth Duster 1971

So yea I had Road Runner under work too but lately I've remodelled so much my Duster so I decided to take part with it.

Here's what I've done sofar, 10,2k tris. Gotta work with the smoothing groups still.

FlashG said:
Actually I'm not satisfied to the grille either. For some reason I haven't got it to look right yet :L
Maybe the chrome ring needs to get a little bit thinner and/or be colored dark inside, and the headlights moved a bit more to the outside and everything inside the front's chrome ring moved forward a tiny bit.
Well here are 2 pics, maybe you get what I mean:

Thanks, yea it will. I'm gonna do different versions of it also. Duster Twister and Duster 340 :)

They have bit different front grille and they have also hood scoops
that's really nice, i really love how your textures on the tires turned out, flow so nicely, and the model is so smooth too :) i will definitly will be waiting for this one to be realeased