Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Koenigsegg CCX


looks like even a basic interior is out of the question now.

And its still missing the fuel cap, and probably some other small things.

Tomorrow i shall try to find any polygons that can be removed, and get it rendered.
That is totally awesome work. its pretty much flawless, and the only problems there are you probably know about them. although i can't see any. can't wait 4 renders of the finished work. :)
Looks real nice. Excellent job :)
Too bad you couldn't do the interior. Oh well, it looks nice anyway.
I'll be looking foward to the renders as well :grin:
Woohoo, i went on a poly killing spree and had enough for a blacked-out interior, its better then nothing.

Some quick pics before the final render:

(Sorry about the quality of that one, I forgot jpg hates blue)

modelling is now done, just some mapping to tidy up, then export it to lightwave and get it rendered.
Attatched is the first proper render, yesterday was giving me all sorts of trouble (somehow lightwave not only corrupted the file, but the last 2 backed up versions to, and then corrupted some textures, and then some mapping as well...)

anyway, time to get on with materials, lighting, and some slight tweaks to model (I can see the hood edge needs improving from that render)

also, its now exactly 20,000 polies.