Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Koenigsegg CCX

Some new renders (im still a noob at rendering but getting better)

click for 1024x768

i know the front isnt curved enough and one of the temp headlights sticks thru the glass, but feel free to point out anything else.
its limited to 20000 polies, currently for everything in that render there are 16702, might have to chop some off in places as its looking a bit tight...

i think the rear lights are good, check the images here and here
woah 4 weeks without an update, been busy with starting a new job (woohoo money)


18918 polys for everything so far, still needs engine vents, engine cross beam thing with logo on it, front and rear reflectors, wiper, underneath, and if i have any polys left then some kind of basic blacked out interior.
it looks a bit odd from far away, but looks better when rendered correctly (see the rendered images from earlier, this ones just a realtime direct draw, with AA and AF turned up)
need to chamfer some edges around the wheel wells so its not so angular (specifically speaking the front one it looks extremely low poly, triangle chamfers will fix that)