Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Koenigsegg CCX

I know I dont post here much, im usualy found on gtaforums making some low-poly knockoff :D anyway I thought I would give this contest a shot, so I started this yesterday:

wish I'd picked something bit easier (like anything with decent blueprints) but the image references are doing ok so far.

I'll try and get as much done today as I can, as I will be out and about for next couple of weeks.
thanks, some good pics there :D

i tend to model the shape before tweaking normals, thats why i took flat shading pics, once the main body is done i will work on normals.


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Looking good so far :)

_RicH_ said:
trying to figure out the shape above the engine, it goes all over the place.
These might help a little, if you don't alredy have them :)
Click thumbnails for larger:

back from my 2 week break, still working on this slowly:

i use zmodeler v1.07 to model, it might find its way into a game (maybe gta:sa) after the contest.


Very nice, but something is weird : on your first pic, the reflections on the side are clean (a straight line is reflected straight) but that's different on your second pic o_O Looks like you need to check it I think.
working on the roof, very tricky as there's more curves then pamela anderson.

currently 1773 polies for half the car, with room for reduction if i need it.

back-end worked on, and some nice wheels to roll on. Each wheel comes at the cost of 1791 polies, so with all 4 wheels and the 2 halves of body total is now 10946.

A full interior probably wont happen with the poly count, and definalty no engine! probably do a blacked-out simple interior and same for whatever bits of engine are visible through the glass/vents.

Might do a proper engine/interior after the contest.