Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Ford Escort MK1

Hi all,

Well i've been working on this baby for about three days now, and i'm still in the beginning part. This project is to improve my texturing skills because atm they suck big time. Here's a render of my start of the contest. Atm i'm at 12.300 tri's, so i have still much left to add details, but still got to add an interior and some details.

Don't mind the sloppy texturing and the fact there's much still not textured yet. C&C appreciated. I know the render is not very good and a tad bright.



Thanks for al your comments:)

As for the car, i wanted to try an older car for this contest, to make it a bit of a challenge. I never did old cars before and i'm not good at it. I redid almost every part 2 or 3 times. I think the way it looks atm is allright. But just a model to improve my abilities at making old cars.

Known issues of the render is: It's a tad to bright, the bumpmap isn't seen enough, and the tires should be a bit darker. But as i said, it's in an early stage.

Here are the wires as requested ;)

Oh and revelli, i really suck at interiors, so wish me luck:roll:



The Land Cruiser Maniac
Looks good. Lovely car.
Expect IMO the grille edges/curves around the headlights should be a bit smoother. And you are missing the edge which runs across the side of the car. And isin´t your rim spokes too thin (x-axis)

Thanks for the reply's

@ rallydriver: as for the rims, i don't know yet, they're just in the begin fase, will look that up when i get to that point. Maybe i'll rimake them with less poly's. You're right about teh curve of the front, will change that. And as for teh line on the side, you can cleary see it on that picture. But at the refpics i look at it's totally missing, well i can't find him.


Well more updates soon, i had 2 miserable attemps at the interior, will start the third one soon lol
Hmm i don't know yet. Maybe if someone wants to convert it, i will take a look at it! Atm i'm still messing around with the interior, i didn't forget this project;) But atm i'm working mostly on the audi