MidPoly vehicle contest - Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Finished


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well, I would like to thank all those that offered compliments and constructive crits over in the WIP thread for this.
I have had enough of the model though, I'm enjoying playing around with renders of it, so im putting some up here... some good.. some not so good.

Ok, so I know, the side should be slightly rounder, but its already close to the 20,000 poly limit how it is, and I dont want to take away from the interior + engine to add to the body.
Poly (tris) count is just under 19,200 at the moment, and ive just put it up on turbosquid... so before anyone says owt.. no I didnt just buy it... I made it :p

anyways, enjoy... I'd really like some suggestions / settings for rendering, im mainly using Maya for the renders with mental ray + DGS materials.
but I do have a Max version of the car, so if people could suggest render settings for max that would be cool 8)

cheers :D




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just figured id chuck up these images as well, I got a bit bored so I did a "retro" version of it.... it comes in at 19,554 tris, with different interior, wheels, flat bonnet, and different exhausts.

I know that this car probably wont win the comp, especially judging from some of the incredible models in the WIP forum, but id like to say thanks cause at least it gave me a reason to finish a model... I usually loose interest in a day or so with vehicles, so end up rushing them to finish... I cant even count the amount of models I've binned cause I just couldnt be bothered to finish them lol

so enjoy... Im currently doing a pick-up version of this car (not for the comp) sorta based on an elcamino :D all good fun