Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Chevrolet Camaro


If you're unsatisfied with the software you use, you should consider to switch for Blender. Blender is a free software with all the capabilities you need. A lot people is already using it, even on SMCars (for example, me :)) : just search for the keyword "blender" here.

heare is a new pic
i think i do not made this until the contest ends cause i have my big examen in two mounths and i dont want to spend an other year in shool
there`s lots of things to fix on your model...i`d say restart working on it

try Zmodeler as an option for a modeling program. though i know someone who makes really good cars in CarCad so the program is not necessarely the problem.

Could cou tell me what i can do better?
I think the main Problem is that i am an Beginner
i have just moddelt 3 cars
i have got to rework the Frot cause she sucks