Midpoly vehicle contest: Bentley Continental GT

Here`s my entry, about 8500 tris right now. I can`t render with this demo app. and I don`t know how to make the camera "work" to smooth the mesh correctly, yet + I don`t have AA, so sorry for LQ pics.

Thanks! Wires will come on the next update.
@tom- Good eye, that`s the only part on the car I haven`t yet chamfered.
I made the wheels (Kahn RSVs, the RSXs will come) but I`ll have to cut loads of polies out of them as the whole thing is 17k already. The way it`s going, I think I`ll make this car with just under 30k polies and then make another 20k version for the contest, cutting polies from the other one, right now I`ve got a bit under 5k in seams/bodylines.

I was thinking this looked like it was gone go too highpoly at first, always a symptom for highpoly modellers like yourself :p

Does look really good, I'm curious to see real renders of it. What are you going to use to do those ?
The exterior is missing small detail like windshield wipers and logos, that+interior will have to fit into 2000 polies I have left so the interior won`t be very detailed. The new rims are Bentley`s, 775 tris each.


@Xoliul - I`ll see what I can get my hands on, I think 3DS max demo can render, I`ve never rendered before so It`ll be a learning experience.


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Model looks vety nice... Are you using blueprints for it ?? And if you do, can you show them cause I can't find any on the web...
A "bit" of an update here... it`s actually been done quite a while now but I started to learn how to render so..

Crits please.

/edit- Yes SM, it`s modeled.
Whats the polycount and could we see a wire?^^ Could be a interessting gta convert:grin:
32 000 tris, I have been asked if it can be put to GTA but eveyone wants it to have the interior and engine then... which it doesn´t, which I won`t be modeling (now) and which I don`t want someone else to model.

well thats no problem it can be put in SA in this State to, just make it so the bonnet and boot dont open :) ,, if you dont have someone else converting it atm ill be more then happy to :) PM me to see the cars i did before.

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