Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Audi S3 2007

Still some optimizing you can do on the front; it looks like the audio logo has several rows of polygons, while this would look the same with just one. Also, the inside of the frontlights is still too detailed I think.
And it looks like this model is an unsmoothed highpolymodel, meaning you chamfer almost every single hard edge. I think you should use smoothing groups for this; especially small parts like the lights don't need chamfered hard edges (anything that is a very hard edge doesn't need a chamfer actually).
check my attachment, some ideas on what you could improve.

green - move the poly rows to the suggested formation, try to get a nice polyflow.
light yello - merge the dark yellow poly row to the one it is close to, you probably won't see the difference


hello guys!
i started continuing my audi today and rendered some quick images with some materials on it..

what i have to do until the 15th is: creating additional parts for interior, fixing some spots in the main body (see 2nd pic for example) and texturing (maybe, i hope so)

c&c welcome



The Land Cruiser Maniac
He means that you should move those lines/points on hood further to the front to get a better polyflow. Now they are too close eachother.