Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Audi S3 2007

lol seriously, you can cut out over half of those polys and use them for more detailed things, and it would still look the same ;)


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it looks like its a good idea at the start (maybe it's a low poly model with smoothing set to 1 iterations, thats what it looks like) but it means that u have nearly no control over your model, poly count wise ;) start again, take your time, and dont use meshsmooth, try just modeling :)
clix101 said:
maybe it's a low poly model with smoothing set to 1 iterations, thats what it looks like
yeh, you're right ;)

thanks everybody for the very helpful comments, now i know what i have to do :p

no, really, i tried everything now with this damn audi s3, i think i shall let this car and stop modeling anything ^^


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do not stop! lol, keep on trying, make the hood, and when u feel ok with it, post it here with a wire and we'll help improve it ;)
I'd say don't use meshsmooth or turbosmooth at all. Try to make it without it first :)

Of course we will help as much as possible. :)
quite to the contrary, the front wheel arches are way too highpoly compared to the rest of the model, it's ok to see the steps of the polies as long as they are spaced out regularly. :)
use more triangles!

on the fenders, make the main part of them low poly(er), and then chamfer the vertexes around the wheel well, giving it a round look, but the rest is still low poly

and that front vent... could loose about 10 polys around it and look the same if not better
hello guys!

i think the main body is almost done.. i'm at 10k tris approximately, wheels and interior have to be done lowpoly(er) than the rest..

i make a little pause today, because the last ones were really hard work ;)

please give me comments if you like it or not, it's important for me to optimize it!