Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Audi R8

I have not quite had the time to model until yesterday, and, unfortunately, I am not very likely to finish it in time, but I will show you what I have, anyway.
Bear in mind that I have not sorted out the smoothing yet, but you are more than welcome to comment on the smoothing if you have something to point out, as well as on the rest of the mesh, of course.
The amount of polygons in tris is 2788

Edit: I quickly rendered it just now, in order to check out some reflections, but it did not go very well lol.

Edit2: I am so stupid. It is obviously hard to see the smoothing when the mesh is all covered in a wireframe. I shall have some better pictures later.


Thank you very much, ladies. Unfortunately, as predicted, I will not be able to model for at least the next two weeks, as I am a) currently finishing an written assignment, after which I will be b) going to Livigno for 10 days.
But expect more when I return and get back to business :)
Thanks again for the support.