Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Audi A2 - Race Prototype

I don't know where I get these ideas!

Not modelled in an age, I tend to over-complicate meshes and then lose interest. When I get chance to work on this I will be working fast, quick and dirty. The body style is just a mock up, lots of details to design and add yet. Going for a JGTC/DTM look but the engine will be something different.

Now its time to start adding details. The wheels are temporary from my F40 while I decide what to go for. It stands in at about 1,700 tris for the mirrored body without wheels.
Ehehe interesting concept!Even more considering this is the ugliest Aude ever made.
Maybe you could stuff an Audi V8 engine in the rear, but if you do that you're gonna need some air intakes near the rear wheels.