Midpoly Contest - Audi S3

Well this is my Audi S3

I make this thread for you to see how am i working on this model.

If you have any advices how could i make it better please post a reply and i will take your advices.
Here is a picture from the Audi's current status.
Ist 18000 polys and it still don't have wheels ( it had!!! but i didn't like them :) )
So i will have to reduce this poly count for the Wheels.

Thx for reading my thread.
See you at the finish line :)

Best regards to all viewers!!!

note:The render have been made in 3Dsmax 7 with Brazil r/s


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looks great, lol, the wheel arches and wing are not made of plastic tho ;) also, the wheel wells dont seem deep enough, apart from that it looks sweet!
silvestro1 said:
the rendering is already a lot better, but what's with the left headlight? it seems so flat :S
or is it just the glass material?
Hi everyone

I've made a few changes and i want to show you another render, but i'd have a question. does anyone knows why the motionblur does not working in Brazil???

I made a spinner rim for my Audi and i wanted to bring it into a motion but i doesn't looks too good. Any ideas how to make it better?

And one more words the black parts are just for test. The car looks alot different with these colours.

Best regards

Silent][Moebius said:
very nice stuff, the seats could use a wee bit more work though ;)

Yeah iam working on the inside and i want to use better seats, but i've just wanted to see how will it look. And i will also make a steering wheel :)

Thx for the reply

Best regards!!!

Thanks for the replies, well i'll try to make them if you don1t like this :)
Thankx for the advice, and i'll upload my pictures to somewhere else.
If you'll have any other problems with the pictures please tell me and i will solve the problem.


I'll update soon!!!!

Best regards!!
lol i just wanted to post the same pic. But if you look closely these are other rims than on my pics. I think it comes with two different rims...
Hey thx for the pictures :) the small one is good for me because i can have a better look from it and the biggerones could give me the details

I'll post pictures soon

Best regards
Hi everyone, here is my update for today. I've made a few changes and i've made a new set of rims, I've seen these rims on an S3 Audim and thats why i choosed this, and because it doesn't need to much of polygons. Its still under the limit And i'll made a few more change too in the near future.
This time i added a new material of headlights, new tail lights and new interior. I am planning to make the interior better, so i'll update soon.

If anyone can give me a good idea how to make better chromic material for the rims please message me. Thx for reading my post and this thread. See you at the next post!!!

Best regards