Michelin Pilot Sport 3 - Tire Give Away!


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Hey guys i thought i would give away a tire i made with a sidewall texture to go with it, i have recieved alot from the community and everyone i have meet in the 3d industry. So its only far i give back a bit. So if you would like to have the tire just go to my website, here is the link. Hope you like! Enjoy!

Giving Back | kriscabrera



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Thank u Kris for this. I've downloaded your tire and it's very very good. I love the way u did it ! Also, it fits perfectly the rim of the P1 i'm modeling, so i'd like to ask u if i can use it for the final model . If u look at my WIP P1's thread, u can see i've already done my tire (Pirelli P Zero), but i like your tire more, besides it's very light as file size compared to mine.
Thank u in advance. Anyway, i'll give u credits specifying clearly ''tire by kriscabrera'' , if u'll allow me to use it :)


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Hi Kris. I'll use the tread only, since i can't edit the sidewall to get the 3D text and stuff i want there.I mean, i've imported the file into Rhino 5 but i only can scale or move it, not to extrude , cut and so on. So i've redone it (the sidewall) in NURBS. Probabilly there's a way to edit it in Rhino, but since i don't know it,as i've said i've redone the whole sidewall. I'll give u credit for the tread anyway don't worry, it's an amazing work :)