Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (215/45 R16)

Thanks sh00ks! It's all modeled. Fonts are not quite right but I edited them to look as the real ones. It could be used as a mesh but I would have to modify it a little because it was thought to make a Bump/Displacement map. This is the first time for me with sidewalls and I'm quite happy with the results :)

PS: I couldn't read from the reference pictures what was written in smaller letters so I was going to write a song Lyrics hahaha finally I could read it from other picture so I googled something similar and pasted it :D


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That's some detailed modeling then! Did it take you long?

I made some tire walls in Photoshop, which I had to admit was a peace of cake and did'nt take me longer then 15 minutes per tire type (after gathering all the images/logo's/fonts).

I prefer this type of tire wall making over modeling (as far as my knowledge goes now), cause you just have to make one map which then can act as a bump/displacement/reflection map.

I'll send you a pm with my mailadres later on the day/week, so I can study your workflow (= always interested and could probably learn a lot from it!)

Thx again!
I thought on making this on PhotoShop, but I'm not good at all with PS. Also modeling this gives me the possibility to use it as a mesh if I want to (I don't want, but I could hahaha). It took me a lot of time to find good references, but when I got enough pictures it was just a couple of hours (Maybe next time it'll be faster) :D

I'll send you the files.;)