MG Super Sports (1925) The first MG?

The first MG is the Kimber Special. I think the car on the blueprint it's very early MG car based on "Bullnose" Morris Oxford. Propably it's 14/28.
Maybye it's the Old Speckled Hen.


The first MG was registered on 11/8/1923 and was a Raworth built 2 seater body on a modified Morris Cowley chassis – 6 cars were built. These were advertised as the ‘MG Super Sports Morris’

This drawing is of the next generation MGs which were based on the 14/28 Morris Oxford chassis and built between 1924/6, and is the 14/28 2-seater tourer with single dicky seat.

The Kimber Special also known as ‘Old Number One’ was built specially for Kimber to enter the 1925 Land’s End Trial.