Mercury Grand Marquis (1978)

another Large image with less perspective, more accurate proportions than the original drawing. width is correct for this too, car is 229 inches overall with 124 inch wheelbase. any crits are surely welcome. next up will be the 116 inch wheelbase Australian Marquis. Coupe version with proper proportions will be added here soon, this set of drawings is more accurate than the others already posted some time ago.


well Flash, just have to do the ones that really got your intetest when you can find the time, I really like the plymouth scamp you did! hopefully I can figure how to do some too. just keep getting sidetracked from working my 3dsmax9
Marvelous work on all your drawings. Just one question: Are the tires as wide as this? Most cars of this size and wera used P235-75R 15s.