Mercedes SLS AMG Brabus


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Finally, i've been waiting for this thread to update. Glad your back on this car. This thread inspired me to do my SLS black series. Hope to see more.

Oscar J

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Photoshop does a bad job with heavy DOF using depth maps. I saw on you Facebook that you're using Keyshot nowadays. Isn't that a bit of a downgrade?


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I downgraded from Maxwell because of time, I don't have the spare time I used to, Keyshot is not that bad. I havent rendered in a year or so but starting again.



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Thank you Oscar but there are far better guys out here which can do better, I don't know all the inns and outs of Keyshot yet but it's very limited when it comes to layered materials, I have to compromise using labels (which sucks), I'm tempted to go back to maxwell but it takes too long to render..


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Awesome shots!

As for the renderer:
Take a look at TheaRender!
A 'new' kid on the block which is beating a lot of the prime renderers on speed (CPU, GPU and CPU+GPU), quality and materials. It's unbiased engine is a real beauty: fast and physically correct (no approximate/plausible, but correct!).
The cost is also half of the prime renderers!
I don't know which modeling app you're using but It has some great direct plug-ins for SU, 3dsMax and Blender