Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series 2013

Oscar J

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No idea if this works in 3D Studio Max, but in blender, I'd model one stitch, then make a curve along the seam where you want the stitches. Then I'd use a tool called array, which you can use to duplicates the stitch automatically around the curve.

I think I've seen something similar been described in max.

Oscar J

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By the way, if I was a computer genius, the first thing I'd do is to hack this site and move this thread to the advanced section.


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Yeh, i already knew that method in max, but it wasn't very effective, specially if you want to stitch an object with a lot of curves and sudden change of angles. So I tried a new method I haven't used before, I used the fill loop function under object paint, which basically fills the loop you have selected with an object or spline. You have much more control over everything, but even with that it still needs some manual touches here and there for a perfect fit. Had to play with it before i got it the way I wanted, but i managed to do it. I guess i'll use this technique for all the interior's stitching. :)

Steering wheel is pretty much complete, i'll just leave the connection to the dashboard when I have it done, so i don't mismatch anything :)



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Maybe just a very lil bit more gap, but Mercedes-Benz u know, above all in these top cars, builds the carbodies with a very lil tolerance among parts, so i'd say u could leave it this way.
Anyway, astonishing work, i'm amazed by your accuracy and technique Ben. Top notch and new benchmark for SLS so far, in my opinion.
Just a note about personal tastes: I like this car with a couple of inches more for the rims ;)


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Damn, the shape is so realistic, u've even done the leather's subsidences, i mean, it's no rigid as the most i've seen so far, it gives to me a feeling of a true sporty seat with its wanted bumps. Fantastic high end work . I love it !


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So u're passed to the other side of the barricades. Congrats man, u and your car deserve it, it's a great piece of modeling :)

All the best for this project!
The model overall is amazing, but the seat is something unbelievable :) Poly-modelling or you used something like marvellous to model it?