Mercedes E-Class (W210) 50 AMG

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hi there, this is my current project, a mercedes e-class 50 amg

since i kinda own this car (yet it's my dads car - but i will get soon ^^) i have a good reference making it accurate.

c&c is very welcome =)



oh please excuse my inobservance - of course i'll give you an answer.

the hdri's are simple cloudy skies. i don't know of any specific name, i once renamed the .hdr's to my preferences - since then their names are sky0012.hdr and sky0023.hdr dunno if this will help you..
oh yeah ! :D Ilove this car, and the model is very smooth
and you'r fast ! :D interesting how will u be making those side mirrors cuz I had a Lot problems in making them in correct shape.
here's mine :D in case it's interesting :D

didn't have time to finish it though.

show your wires plz
draw - yeah thx nighteye :grin:

hmm i think there is no (sharp) egde, according to the reference pics attached.
no reason not to improve my mesh. ;) crits are welcome.


I know it's no sharp edge, but it sure as hell is an edge as seen on that refs :)

(that refs don't show the crease on the side though. Guess that one isn't there after all :) Probably just reflection on my refs)
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