Mercedes Benz Models needed!


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Hello Everyone,
Needing some help from the community...I have a project that I received that requires some Mercedes Benz Models..If I am able to get them rather then model them that would be great...trying to cut down cost and time...Is there anyone out there that have/has the following models that would be so generous as to donate? Click here to enlarge The models I need are: C63 Sedan and Coupe, and E Class Coupe..preferably 2012..

thanks in advance!..PM me!:D


uhm, well you´re talking about cutting costs and time, which sounds alot like you´re doing a commercial project. at the same time you´re asking people to donate a car without even specifying what project you´re doing. and all this as first post.
i´d say goooooooood luck with that kind of request. maybe you´re better off buying those models on turbosquid.
You should Specify what project your doing, and giv up a few more details, maybe atleast u'l get some feedback. plus if u put down some effort. u can be done with a merc ( not too detailed in about 3-4 days. so u shud start working on it.