Mercedes-Benz C63S AMG Coupe [WIP]

Hello I'm back over here with a new project I started maybe a month ago. Here are the Wires and Renders of the current state of the project.

Just don't mind the wheels and actually before I was going to screenshot the model to show the wires, I realized that the rear quarter panel collapsed so I had to remove all the loops manually.
Thats why the wires of the quarter panel looks uneven with the rest of the edge flow of the car.
c63s clay 3-4 front wires.jpg
c63s clay 3-4 front.jpg
c63s clay 3-4 rear wires.jpg
c63s clay 3-4 rear.jpg
Edit: My renders won't upload to the site So Ill retry to upload them later
I don't see that many new mercedes being modelled. I guess they're quite hard to make and in that aspect i really like your work. It looks good, keep it up and give us more updates! :)
thx man, yea they have pretty much a lot of tricky parts, I still can't figure out how to make the material for the HID beams in the headlights nd i had a lot of trouble doing the rear of the car. Here is an update with at least 97% of the headlights done.
pink c63s.jpg
Well it looks good. The only thing that I see is that some creases are a bit too sharp for me. especially the crease on the side running trough the doorhandle feels a bit too sharp. Can be the render tho.

Keep it up and show us some updates on the back :)


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Thank you all. I wish I could upload my progress but unfortunately i cant access the site on my computer i dont know why but i have no ping on this website with my wired connection. Ill comeback when ill figure out how to access it again
sorry for the lack of updates, I had a problem with Max, and everytime i would open the material editor it would crash even with a blank scene so i had to reinstall it. Fast forward and i started modeling the door mirrors (95% done it just miss the led) and tried to fix the rear panels surface continuity problems
red c63 door mirrors.jpg
It has been a while since the last update but now ive did some tweaking stuff like the carpaint, created a carbon fiber texture un ps, modeled the door handles and started on the badges. Here is a 4k render that i did
blue 4k c63s.png