McLaren P1 2013 for downloading

I have the P1 OBJ in work, I'll upload it to Mega on Monday. I've yet to get it open on a 24gb 2x Xeon machine but I'll try again on Monday.


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WARNING! Don't you download it if you cannot open .3dm files and your PC or Mac is not adequate as CPU, RAM and GPU since it's over 15 millions polys.

OK, link is above, and now listen:
1) This model was part of an experiment where i cut surfaces on everywhere for some reason, that's why the filesize is so huge.
2) It's 2.5 GB file, 0.8 GB compressed in the link.
3) It's a Rhino (.3dm) file so don't you bother me asking for another format.
4) I won't reupload it another time, so be quick if you need this damn model.
5) Don't bother me with requests, questions and so on, take it for what it is, an experiment, that's why i don't want to sell it on Turbosquid. It's for free, clear?